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Life Courses

Focusing on the life changing
truth from God’s word

Life Courses provide an opportunity to focus on life changing truth from God’s word.

Discover the friendship, support and growth that comes through group sessions. Each course is uplifting and empowering. People from all different walks of life and ages have been tranformed by the reality and power of God’s love reaching in and freeing them to be happy, whole and fulfilled.

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Born Free

12th September – 7th November 2023

Course leader: Philippa Lavender

Everyone has been through difficulties in life. Some experiences leave us troubled and confused deep down and can affect us in ways that are difficult to overcome. It may have been a traumatic event or something more subtle. We all want to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror unashamedly, fully accepting who we are in Christ. This course helps us do this as we are renewed in His love, and renewed in our thinking. Born Free is based on Biblical truths and will focus directly on a season of recovery as you allow Jesus to be the Lord of every area of your life, healing you from fear, shame, guilt and anger. Come and see how recovery and spiritual growth are one and the same!

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The Winning Mind

The world is crying out for people with winning solutions and successful steps to this, that or the other. One of our greatest keys to living a victorious, successful and fulfilling life is to develop the skills that enable us to live consistently and fruitfully in our minds, first and foremost.

“Our thoughts are the channel through which God can flow” Watchman Nee

In this course we are going to discover how to actively take control of our thought life and direct it in a healthy way.

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Restore is a 6 week journey for women affected by the trauma of abortion. Some may have come to terms with their decision, but others may still be affected deeply, even if it was a long time ago.

They may have been relucant to tell people for fear of a negative response or being judged, so they have been left to deal with the hurt and pain on their own. 'Restore' will help women to address the ways they may have been affected and to move into all that God and life holds for them.

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